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Meet Our Trainers

In order to provide you with high standard training and education, Interact Home Care Training Institute, Inc. employs the most qualified professionals in the home care industry. Our trainers consists of:

  • Licensed Registered Professional Nurse Instructors
    • Experienced in teaching personal care aide and home health aide levels curriculum
    • Bilingual
    • Positive feedback from our students and graduates
    • Compassionate yet professional
  • Licensed Agents
    • Guides you through entrance and registration
    • Answers your questions and provides guidance. Any questions or concerns you may still have should be directed to the School Director. We always aim to be as helpful as possible
    • Assists you with documentation
    • Follows up with you after you after completion of classes
  • Licensed Program Directors
    • Makes sure school and approved curriculum are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the New York State Education Department Bureau of Proprietary School Services
    • Reports to the state regarding job placement, class graduation rates, and number of students enrolled vs. number of students successfully completing the course
    • Always available to answer questions and provide guidance

Do you want to speak with one of our staff members? Get in touch by calling us at 212-268-2010.