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Certified Nursing Assistant to Home Health Aide (Transition to Home Health Aide)

Do you want to upgrade your skills and knowledge from a Certified Nursing Assistant Aide to a Home Health Aide? With our comprehensive training at Interact Home Care Training Institute, Inc., we can help you achieve your goals!

Our CNA to Home Health Aide program entails:

  • Transition to Home Health Aide training program is 67 clock hours in length
  • 8 modules must be successfully completed
  • Competency examination in skills are practiced and completed over the course of the class in a laboratory setting
  • Curriculum is taught in the following languages:
    • English
  • An 8-hour externship is required upon successful completion of all written modules and successful re-demonstration of skills in a laboratory setting
  • One Registered Nurse Instructor per 3 students at the externship site. Rendering a client personal care and health-related care is emphasized under supervision
  • Externship site may be in a home care setting, congregate care setting, or assisted living facility we have an Affiliation Agreement with

For a more detailed discussion of this program, please contact us at 212-268-2010. Are you ready to start training? Proceed to our Enrollment page now.